Living Alone With Parkinson's
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I WAS Blind ?

I Can See !!!

"There are None so Blind as Those Who Will Not See"


(This information is directed toward people with Parkinson's
Much of it may also apply to other folks)

This information is directed toward people with Parkinson's

I have been living alone with Parkinson's for over 20 years and have learned through research, trial and error what Works4me.

It is my hope that this site will, in some way, be of benefit to people who are suffering with
Parkinson's Disease, as well as Other Folks

PD Tips I've Learned - Bedding


It is a good idea to put some elastic in the sleeves of Winter PJ's,

so that they will stay in place,

and down on your wrists where they belong.


A lot of the information in these pages, are "Alternative" in nature, and is, in no way, to replace the advice of your physician, and his, or her advice should be sought prior to trying any of this information.

This information Just "Works 4 Me"!
(and was created to show some alternatives)
I want it clearly understood that I am not a doctor nor are any of these comments to be taken as medical advice - they just Work for Me

You are invited to contribute any information that "Works 4 You"!
Just send it along complete with name, picture, if any, and your E-mail address.

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Basically, as I understand it, there are as two types of Parkinson's, with different subtypes in each case. One is fast acting, the other is much slower.

There are people with tremors, people without tremors and some people with rigidity.
I have been fortunate, in that mine is slow acting, with tremors. This has slowed me down some, rather than stopped me. I am not able to do all the things I want to - the way I used to.

The bad news is that I must do everything myself. Shopping, cooking, laundry, housecleaning, and all other household chores.

The good news is that I haven't time to feel sorry for myself!

The secret to getting these things done is ORGANIZATION! - (See Organize!)



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A Very Good Parkinson's Site


"Your Corner"
is for you to post what "Works4U".
The above information "Works4Me". It is not intended as medical advice and is in no way to replace the advice of your physician.

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