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Amino Acids

There is a lot of talk about with Amino acids stating that, in as much as L-dopa is an amino acid, it will have to compete with any other amino acid present in the food that you eat, at or near the same time that you are taking your Sinemet Cr ( L-dopa). This would result in your medication being diminished, or being slow in acting.

It is recommended that L-dopa Sinemet Cr be taken at least 30 minutes prior to eating a "heavy protein meal".

* Sinemet CR is the only medication that I know of to be so affected.

Meat-Fish-Cheese-Milk-Grains = Proteins

Proteins = Aminos

Unfortunately, some people have the idea that protein is to be limited because of this. As far as I can find out, the only limitation involved is timing! I am able to eat all the protein foods I need or want, as long as I allow the recommended 30 minutes.

The only other precaution that I take, as in the case of meat, which I make sure I cut up real small, and chew well. People with Parkinson’s are apt to have "Delayed Stomach Emptying" , and well chewed meat will move faster and easier thereby avoiding a lot of gas due to putrefaction.

In addition, digestive enzymes from saliva, as well as those in the stomach, along with stomach acid will process the food better.

* As people grow older, the production of digestive enzymes and stomach acid is often reduced, which has happened in my case. So I take Mega-Zymes and Betaine (HCL), as I need them.

I, like millions of other people took Rolaids and Tums thinking I had too much acid in my stomach, when in fact I didn't have enough acid to process the food properly.

As goes my stomach, so goes my tremors and so goes my day!

* Amino acid = protein = muscle mass

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